Surrey driver dies in serious collision between semi-trucks in Delta

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      A serious collision yesterday between two semi-trucks in Delta has resulted in the death of one driver and required extensive cleanup that continued until today.

      Around 9:45 a.m. on June 13, Delta police received a report of a collision between two semi-trucks in the 3500 block of Deltaport Way.

      While one truck was heading east on Deltaport Way, the other truck was driving west before they collided.

      One driver sustained non-serious injuries.

      However, the other driver, a man from Surrey, died at the scene. Police confirmed that next of kin notifications have been completed but his identity has not been released.

      An investigation into the cause of the crash remains ongoing. Police are not commenting on possible factors involved.

      According to Delta Police Department (DPD) spokeperson Cris Leykauf, the collision was “very serious” and therefore the clearing of the “collision of this magnitude is also complicated”.

      The DPD stated in a news release that extensive environmental cleanup was required. Deltaport Way was reopened after cleanup concluded after 3 a.m. today (June 14).