Is it genocide? Read Cindy Blackstock's Twitter learning series for Canadians

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      A firestorm erupted in the media when the National Inquiry Into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls concluded that Aboriginal people in Canada experienced genocide.

      Even the prime minister was reluctant to use this word on the day that the 1,200-page report was released.

      To help provide some context, Indigenous child and family researcher Cindy Blackstock has launched a learning series on Twitter entitled "Is It Genocide?".

      Blackstock, a member of the Gitskan First Nation and a professor in the McGill University school of social work, said over Twitter that it's because "ignorance breeds certainty and knowledge breeds humility."

      And she's hoping that people who work in the media will read her tweets on this topic.

      We've reproduced the ones that she's put out on this topic since beginning the series last week.