Park commissioner John Irwin seeks express bus from East Side to Jericho, Locarno, and Spanish Banks beaches

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      For many Vancouver residents, it's not easy to get to Spanish Banks and Locarno—two of the most idyllic beaches in Vancouver.

      The 42 Spanish Banks bus, which takes people to these far West Side destinations, only runs between Alma Street and Spanish Banks Loop.

      It's possible to reach Jericho Beach Park on the Number 4 bus, but only if riders are prepared for a short hike to reach the waterfront.

      Now, a Vancouver park commissioner wants to ensure these beaches are more accessible to East Side transit users in the summer months.

      John Irwin of the Coalition of Progressive Electors plans to introduce a motion at Monday's (June 24) meeting to help make this possible.

      The motion asks commissioners to request that city council work with TransLink to "explore the feasibility of providing express or direct bus service" from VCC-Clark Station to Jericho, Locarno, and Spanish Banks beaches in July and August.

      COPE commissioner John Irwin wants to help folks without cars who want to travel to Spanish Banks, Locarno, and Jericho beaches.

      One of the beneficiaries of this idea would be the Vancouver Folk Music Festival, which takes place at Jericho Beach Park from July 19 to 21.

      Irwin's preamble points out that the City of Vancouver has endorsed six big moves to reduce carbon pollution.

      Part of the city's plan is to ensure that two-thirds of trips will be by active transportation and transit by 2030.

      Irwin states in the motion that a lack of efficient public transportation from the East Side to waterfront park and recreation destinations on the West Side prevents East Siders from fully enjoying these areas.

      "A convenient, well-services bus route to the beach areas would also likely reduce vehicle trips to the beach," the motion points out.