Hundreds gather in Downtown Vancouver to oppose Justin Trudeau's pipeline decision

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      It didn't take long after the Trans Mountain pipeline announcement for Vancouver residents to converge on their downtown core for a demonstration.

      Hundreds showed up to express their opposition to the Trudeau cabinet's approval of a $9.3-billion project that will lead to a huge increase in oil tankers in Burrard Inlet.

      Trudeau promised that all of the proceeds from the project will flow into a "Green Low Carbon Transition Fund".

      But not everyone is convinced that the pipeline will even make money, given the high cost of extracting diluted bitumen in Alberta.

      Seth Klein, the former B.C. director of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, tweeted that Trudeau's pipeline decision is a "lose-lose bet against the future".

      "If it succeeds economically it's because we've blown past our climate commitments," he stated. "If we succeed on climate action we the taxpayers are left with a stranded asset. Either way, we all lose."

      Meanwhile, Green Leader Elizabeth May has described the government's wish to sell diluted bitumen as a "discredited fairy tale".

      Below, you can see other photos from the event.

      Meanwhile, at a pro-pipeline demonstration in Vancouver on June 18, a fight nearly broke out.

      You can see the footage below in the tweet by CBC reporter Tina Lovgreen.