Thieves target scooters and electric bikes in Vancouver

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      Owners of e-bikes and scooters are being urged to take precautions when parking these vehicles in Vancouver.

      “Warm weather and expensive gas means more people are choosing alternative ways to get around,” Vancouver police media liaison Const. Steve Addison said in a news release. “Scooters and e-bikes are fun and affordable, but they’re also easy to steal if you don’t take the right security precautions.”

      VPD statistics show that scooters and electric bikes accounted for more than 20 percent of all vehicles stolen between May 5 and June 1.

      The VPD recommends that people lock scooters to fixtures and to use a disc brake to make it more difficult for crooks to roll them away.

      In addition, police advise people not to leave spare keys anywhere on a bike and to use the handlebar locking mechanism, as well as the factory alarm.

      Parking e-bikes and scooters in well-lit areas is another way to reduce the likelihood of theft.