Districts of West and North Vancouver join municipalities declaring climate emergency

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      Two more Metro Vancouver municipalities are now among the growing ranks of Canadian municipalities that are declaring a climate emergency.

      The District of West Vancouver and the District of North Vancouver each passed separate motions yesterday (July 8) and both were reported to have passed unanimously.

      Both municipalities requested staff to submit reports on specific actions to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

      The District of West Vancouver also asked staff to include information about actions that similar municipalities are taking to reduce GHG emissions and short- to long-term actions the District can take.

      The District of North Vancouver’s motion, which requested a declaration of a “climate and ecological emergency”, asked for the establishment of an annual carbon budget for both corporate and community carbon pollution by January, requested council to meet carbon pollution targets, directed staff to include climate action and ecological protection in strategic and financial planning, and called for the formation of a North Shore Climate and Biodiversity Committee.

      Other Metro Vancouver municipalities which previously declared climate emergencies include Vancouver, Richmond, New Westminster, Port Moody, and the City of North Vancouver (separate from the District of North Vancouver).