Ranking 2019's Vancouver Canadians hitters by their walk-up songs

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      As Vancouver sports fans (and also those who just like hot dogs and Hey Y’alls) flock to Nat Bailey Stadium this summer, it’s time to bring back one of our favourite traditions.

      That would be ranking the Vancouver Canadians’ hitters—not by their stats, mind you, but by their walk-up songs.

      Below is a completely arbitrary but also very accurate ranking of the Canadians’ top 10 batters in plate appearances by their walk-up songs.

      The categories are musical appropriateness (how much the song’s lyrics and its overall vibe fit with the sport and the art of the walk-up) and impact on pitcher (whether it’s likely to intimidate or distract the pitcher).

      Let’s do this thing. 

      10. Adrian Ramos #5
      “Cambio” – Anuel AA & Ozuna

      Musical Appropriateness: The first of two appearances of Anuel AA on the list, this one is quite slow and not very walk-up appropriate—in our eyes, anyway. 

      Impact on pitcher: Maybe lulling him to sleep? 

      Overall: Nah.

      9. Yorman Rodriguez #13
      “Verte Ir” – Dj Luian x Anuel AA 

      Musical Appropriateness: And there’s our boy again. This thing has over 200 million views on Youtube, so there’s obviously some sort of hook there. As a walk-up song though? We’re not really seeing it. Solid beat, we suppose. 

      Impact on pitcher: If he’s seen the music video (and again, over 200 million people have) then he’d probably go down a rabbit hole of confusion when he thinks back to why the video starts off with a strange sequence on what appears to be a private jet. And also why the people in that scene decide to put on a cassette.

      Overall: We might just not be fans of this Anuel AA character, but we’re not seeing it.   

      8. Trevor Schwecke #9
      “Sit Next to Me” – Foster The People

      Musical Appropriateness: It’s definitely a decent summer song, and unlike some other Foster The People songs it’s not overplayed to the point of nausea. Not a bad “get the fans out of their seats” tune.  

      Impact on pitcher: Maybe some toe-tapping, but probably not much intimidation.

      Overall: One of the team’s better hitters, Schwecke’s got no reason to change this one up. It’s fine enough.

      7. Tanner Morris #26
      “Mountain Music” - Alabama

      Musical Appropriateness: The dude named Tanner picked a country song? Shocked. The clap-ability is high on this one, so it gets points for that. And “mountain music” is a nice nod to the Virginia native’s current city.

      Impact on pitcher: When it happens, the clapping can be effective.

      Overall: Not terrible. We may have a bias against all country music not called “Take Me Home, Country Road” or “Old Town Road”—basically, it needs to be about a road. But this is fine, and points for the Vancouverness of it all.

      6. Mc Gregory Contreras #29
      “Traigo Fuego” - José Peña Suazo Y La Banda Gorda

      Musical Appropriateness: That horn section is… something. Definitely gets the crowd aroused. 

      Impact on pitcher: If it’s hot, maybe “traigo fuego”, which translates into “I bring fire” is a little sweat-inducing.

      Overall: A little too cheerful, perhaps. But not bad.

      5. Luis De Los Santos #20
      “Chimbala” - Maniqui

      Musical Appropriateness: Definitely a hip-shaker to get the vibe going. 

      Impact on pitcher: Can’t imagine much.

      Overall: It’s got a good beat and a nice summer aesthetic.


      4. Ronny Brito #12
      “Elios (Remix)” - Ceky Viciny Ft. Secreto El Famoso Biberon

      Musical Appropriateness: It’s not the first time Biberon has appeared on this list, as he came in at number 9 in 2017 with his single “Rulay.” This one is a little more appropriate, mostly because it’s fast and very aggressive. Also, weirdness points for a chorus that’s vaguely reminiscent of Eric Prydz’s “Call On Me”.

      Impact on pitcher: The beginning kind of sets the stage for a standoff. So maybe there’s some intidimation there.

      Overall: The battle aspect of it is certainly present.

      3. Cameron Eden #27
      “Big Amount” – 2 Chainz ft. Drake

      Musical Appropriateness: Not much of this song is “stadium-friendly”, but the part that Eden uses works pretty well. A walk-up song trope is having something with a decent amount of ego and Drake rapping ”I got a big amount” checks that box pretty nicely.

      Impact on pitcher: Everyone has an opinion on Drake these days and maybe if the pitcher really doesn’t like Toronto’s favourite son it’s enough to throw him off.

      Overall: We’re always partial to a player taking the one part of a song that would work for a walkup and using it—it shows some research and selectiveness.

      2. Davis Schneider #3
      “Come and Get Your Love” - Redbone

      Musical Appropriateness: A universally loved song is always a good idea, and fans signing the beginning of this song as Schneider strolls up to the plate is a perfect summer image.

      Impact on pitcher: Have to imagine that it’s hard to not want to get into the fun. How can you hate on this song? 

      Overall: Top notch, and you know the crowd loves it whenever that drum beat kicks in.

      1. Will Robertson #23
      “Your Love” – The Outfield

      Musical Appropriateness: That guitar intro. Those very singalong-able lyrics about not losing your love tonight. The fact that it’s by a band called The Outfield. All just so perfect.

      Impact on pitcher: Ninth inning, two outs, up by one and the whole crowd starts chanting “I don’t wanna lose your love tonight”? Gotta be clutching that ball a little tighter, I’m assuming.

      Overall: This is an all-timer.

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