Big rat spotted inside fridge at 7-Eleven in Vancouver

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      A 34-year-old man and his son experienced a shocking sight when they went into a 7-Eleven store on East Hastings Street late in the afternoon on Thursday (June 18).

      Sitting inside a fridge full of bottle drinks, right beside the window, was a huge rat.

      It started scurrying about inside.

      Travis Williams told CBC News that the rodent was spotted by his 10-year-old son, who was amused and curious to see it there.

      According to CBC News, the rat has since been removed from the premises.

      Naturally, this generated a lively discussion on Reddit.

      "If you have a twitter account, tweet this to 7-11 PR folks," wrote one commenter named 604kevin. "That's quite disgusting and that location deserves a visit from bylaw or whoever monitors this shit."

      Another commenter named MetallicAngel pointed out that pests start crawling over cans in storage. "That's why some people clean the tops of their soda and food cans before they open it."

      Yet another, Dougvision, stated: "It's a bad rat season all over the city. I don't know whether it is abundant food or a lack of predators this year."

      But Blind_Moggled wasn't bowled over, declaring that it would have been far more impressive to see an elephant inside a drink machine.

      Then there was this comment from 2FAQT: "It was hot out I guess."