Woman harasses Brazilian students and smashes backpack in teen's face on 95 B-Line after they speak Portuguese

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      A News 1130 reporter has triggered an investigation of what appears to have been a racist incident on a city bus.

      Lauren Boothby was riding the 95 B-Line when she videotaped a woman smash her backback in a Brazilian teenager's face.

      Boothby tweeted that the woman did this after complaining that the student and four of her friends were speaking Portuguese rather than English.

      "I got closer, monitored the situation, and was in the middle of drafting a text to Transit Police as I realized she was about to get off the bus," Boothby wrote, "so I paused and recorded."

      The reporter confessed over social media to feeling afraid of the woman.

      "It was shocking," Boothby tweeted. "I went and talked to the kids immediately after and gave them the number for the police."

      Boothby later tweeted she was impressed that the police force responded to her text in less than a minute.

      An officer called her within a half-hour.