Downtown Eastside social housing included in Vancouver Taoist centre redevelopment

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      An application has been filed to redevelop a Taoist centre in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.

      The plan is to rebuild the 453 Powell Street facility of the Po Yuen Taoist Centre Society into a five-storey mixed-use building.

      The redevelopment includes 12 units of social housing.

      The Taoist centre is located across Oppenheimer Park, site of tent encampments by the homeless.

      The plan also includes spaces for worship and study, as well as a Taoist library.

      Taoism is a Chinese system of belief, attitudes, and practices that teaches adherents to accept themselves and flow with life.

      The application was filed by Terra Housing Consultants. Indigenous architect Patrick Stewart designed the project.

      The City of Vancouver is accepting comments from the public about the redevelopment until August 8.