Dog owners warned about suspicious meat repeatedly found near park trail in Delta

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      Update: The Delta Police Department announced that they identified a person of interest on August 19. For more information, see this article

      A strange series of discoveries at a park in Metro Vancouver over the past month, local police are urging pet owners to take precautions when walking their dogs in the area.

      The Delta Police Department (DPD) stated in a news release issued today (August 13) that they received four reports about suspicious meat found near a trail entrance by 63rd Avenue of Watershed Park in North Delta.

      About three to five kilograms (seven to 10 pounds) of large two to three inch chunks of meat were discovered deposited near the trail and were reported on July 17 and 28 and August 1 and 7.

      Both the DPD and Community Police Office volunteers increased patrols in the park since the first report.

      The DPD is uncertain as to why the meat is being left in the park and have not yet determined if the meat has been contaminated with any dangerous substances.

      “As this has been continuing throughout the summer, Delta Police are now taking the step of sending some of the meat samples off for analysis,” DPD spokesperson Cris Leykauf stated.

      Leykauf added that testing has been complicated to arrange and results may take some time to be produced.

      The DPD is recommending that dog owners keep their dogs on leashes when in Watershed Park and to be alert about anything their dog is sniffing or eating in or near the park.