Surrey RCMP make major drug seizure and bust hidden lab with alleged links to Lower Mainland gang conflict

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      After a residence in South Surrey was found to be housing a large, hidden drug lab that police believe is connected to the Lower Mainland gang conflict, Surrey RCMP have seized what they are calling a "massive" amount of drugs and firearms.

      As part of an ongoing investigation, RCMP, using a warrant, searched a residence in the 16300 block of 14A Avenue in Surrey on August 6.

      Officers discovered a large drug-manufacturing operation inside the house and seized numerous drugs and firearms, including:

      • 63,000 doses of fake OxyContin “80” pills;
      • 94,000 doses of fake Percocet pills;
      • 5,000 doses of suspected cocaine;
      • 22,500 doses of fake heroin;
      • 200 doses of suspected methamphetamine;
      • 89 kilograms of an unknown cutting agent and 60 kilograms of a pill-binding agent;
      • three pill presses, capable of producing 3,600 to16,000 tablets per hour;
      • seven semi-automatic rifles, including five SKS, one .40 calibre, and one carbine.

      Preliminary tests have also indicated the presence of fentanyl. Some of the drugs were packaged in bulk while others were packaged for street-level distribution.

      Surrey RCMP

      Officers also arrested two individuals who have since been released pending further investigation.

      Surrey RCMP also stated that investigators believe that the lab is linked to the Brothers Keepers group involved in ongoing local gang conflicts.

      “Based upon the sophistication and capacity of this operation to produce massive quantities of street level drugs, we believe there is a large criminal network associated to this lab,” Surrey RCMP Insp. Mike Hall stated in a news release. “This seizure will cause a significant disruption to this group’s ability to distribute mass amounts of potentially fatal street drugs in the Lower Mainland.”

      In addition, Clandestine Lab Enforcement and Response (CLEAR) Team Sgt. Derek Westwick explained that secret labs like these pose a “significant” risk of contamination to the public “due to the volume of toxic and hazardous chemicals being handled by untrained individuals”.

      Anyone with further information about this operation is asked to contact the Surrey RCMP or Crime Stoppers.

      Surrey RCMP
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