Burnaby RCMP road-safety checks remove one-third of inspected commercial vehicles from streets

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      Commercial-vehicle safety checks conducted in Burnaby found a notable number of vehicles to be unsafe for driving, among other issues.

      As part of a larger effort by policing agencies to ensure the safety of vehicles on roadways, Burnaby RCMP conducted commercial vehicle safety checks over the past four days.

      Officers checked for proper documentation, ensuring the security of loads, and assessing the mechanical condition of vehicles, in addition to sobriety checks and other Motor Vehicle Act offences.

      A total of 179 vehicle inspections were conducted.

      Out of those inspections, 58 vehicles (32 percent) were deemed unsafe and taken off roads.

      Inspections identified 277 mechanical defects and 178 violation tickets were issued for insecure loads, defective vehicles, and distracted driving violations.

      Today (August 16), one driver was founded to be impaired by alcohol while also being prohibited from driving. The driver was charged for driving while prohibited, given a 24-hour license suspension, and had his vehicle impounded for seven days.

      Back in May, the Delta Police Department’s annual commercial vehicle check resulted in 160 out of 378 inspected vehicles (42 percent) being removed from roads.