Police seize weapons as far-right Proud Boys and antifascist demonstrators, including Antifa, gather in Portland

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      As of this writing, there have been no clashes between right-wing members of the Proud Boys and antifascist activists who are holding duelling demonstrations in Portland.

      Nor have there been any shootings.

      That could be because police have kept the two groups separated—so far—by placing concrete barriers along the Proud Boys' route.

      "A moment of near violence occurred as a young man who appeared not to like the Proud Boys found himself in the middle of an angry scrum," the Willamette Week reported. "The crowd swarmed but before he was hurt, bicycle police raced to this rescue and ushered him away."

      Police have urged people on social media, including the media, not to reveal the locations of opposing groups to reduce the likelihood of them clashing in the street.

      Police have made three arrests and seized weapons, including bear spray and poles.

      One of the right-wing radicals reportedly in the march is Joey Gibson, founder of a right-wing group called Patriot Prayer that supports Donald Trump.

      According to the Willamette Week, Gibson recently turned himself into authorities after being charged in connection with a rally that got out of control.

      Below, you can see how today's events have played out over social media.