Fairchild Radio broadcaster resigns after Metro Vancouver uproar over commentary about white-shirted thugs

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      One of the Vancouver's most-listened-to multilingual radio stations has parted ways with a controversial host.

      On its Facebook page, Fairchild Radio has announced that Thomas Leung resigned due to "personal reasons".

      That caused a torrent of comments, including from many who thanked the station and from others who took issue with Leung being allowed to have a broadcasting platform in the first place.

      This came after Leung caused an uproar with a commentary that seemed to support white-shirted thugs who attacked Hong Kong civilians at the Yuen Long transit station on July 21.

      Hong Kong pro-democracy activists believed that these white-shirted, weapon-wielding assailants were operating in cahoots with the police, who were nowhere to be seen.

      Leung's resignation came after a campaign was launched by supporters of Hong Kong activists in Metro Vancouver.

      They wrote to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council, noting that Leung has been a vocal supporter of the Beijing government and accusing him of blaming the victims in a way that was "disgusting and completely unacceptable".

      They also alleged that Leung has a history of maligning victims, including a woman who was permanently blinded by the actions of Hong Kong police.

      Fairchild posted this statement on its Facebook page.

      In its statement, Fairchild promised to "strive to do our best in the future".

      "Serves him right!" wrote commenter Cheryl Chan on the station's Facebook page. "What a shame to spread fake news to cover up the nefarious plot planned by Hong Kong Police and local thugs in order to suppress the protests against the anti-extradition bill and corruption in Hong Kong police force WHILE ENJOYING DEMOCRACY IN CANADA! Not to mention he tried to shift blame from HK police for blinding the female medic! He should publicly apologize to all HongKongers who are in great distress and pain to fight for democracy!" 

      Meanwhile, once again, Hong Kong police have been firing tear gas this weekend at the pro-democracy protesters.

      They're seeking the cancellation of a now-suspended extradition bill that would permit residents charged with serious crimes to face trial in mainland China.