Scam to defraud North Vancouver senior of $9,300 thwarted by victim and RCMP

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      An increased number of robberies and scams, particularly distraction thefts, have been targeting seniors across Metro Vancouver over the past few months.

      However, a potential victim and fast-acting RCMP were able to stop a scam while it was underway that would have bilked a North Vancouver senior of thousands of dollars.

      North Vancouver RCMP stated in a news release issued on August 26 that a fraudster contacted a local resident, pretending to be her grandson, on August 3. He falsely claimed that due to an emergency, he was in urgent need of cash.

      He asked her to send him cash, not to talk with anyone else, and instructed her how to send the money by courier.

      After the senior sent the money, which amounted to $9,300, she became suspicious of the exchange and contacted RCMP.

      Luckily, police were able to stop the delivery in time and the cash was returned to the victim.

      Meanwhile, the investigation is continuing on to identify the suspect.

      North Vancouver RCMP spokeperson Sgt. Doug Trousdell stated in a news release that this isn’t the first example of this scam that they’ve encountered.

      Tips on how to protect yourself from fraud are available at the B.C. RCMP and Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre websites.

      Today (August 28), the Vancouver Police Department issued a warning about a persuasive con-man who has targeted seniors and stolen their money and valuables in 12 incidents since July. 

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