RCMP continues search for missing man after boating collision on Shuswap Lake

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      A man is missing after falling from a boat that was involved in a collision yesterday evening (September 1) on the Salmon Arm of Shuswap Lake.

      The crash occurred when two speedboats that were travelling side by side got too close to one another, according to CBC News. Four people were thrown from one of the vessels. One woman was injured and one man now remains missing.

      Search-and-rescue vessels looked for the man until 2 a.m. last night. Today, the RCMP took over.

      According to the Lifesaving Society British Columbia and Yukon’s annual “drowning report”, there were an average of 75 water-related fatalities in B.C. during the years 2010 to 2014. That’s down slightly form an average of 81 deaths per year from 205 to 2009.

      According to the B.C. Injury Research and Prevention Unit (BCIRPU), more than 60-percent of water-related fatalities in B.C. occur during the months of May through to August.

      “Thirty-two percent of water-related fatalities in B.C. occur while boating, higher than the national average of 26 percent,” Dr. Ian Pike, director and spokesperson for BCIRPU, said quoted on the group’s website. “We want to remind British Columbians that drowning and boating-related injuries don’t just ‘happen’—they are preventable.”

      Alcohol is involved in an estimated 33 percent of drowning deaths among recreational boaters, according to the BCIRPU.

      The Canadian Safe Boating Council (CSBC) has a website dedicated best practices for recreational boating. Recommendations include wearing a lifejacket, remaining sober while operating a water vessel, and enrolling in a boat-safety course before setting sail.