Canuck the Crow goes missing from East Vancouver neighbourhood

His human pal, Shawn Bergman, has issued an emotional request for help

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      Vancouver's most famous bird hasn't been seen since Friday (August 30) afternoon.

      And the disappearance of Canuck the Crow from his East Vancouver neighbourhood has led to an emotional call for help from his human companion, Shawn Bergman.

      "This is not like him," Bergman said on the Canuck and I Facebook page. "He hasn't gone off any any multiple-day adventures in over two years, so I am having a really, really hard time just believing he's out there being a crow. He tends to stick to the area."

      He asked anyone who sees Canuck to send him a picture or a message.

      "If you live in the neighbourhood check your backyards," Bergman requested. "I don't know what else to say. I want my buddy to come home. And if there's anybody out there who's taken him, please let him go."

      Bergman didn't name anyone he suspects of birdnapping Canuck the Crow or causing him harm.

      "It's not about me, it's about him and his mate. Cassiar is absolutely distraught right now," Bergman sais on the Facebook page. "She keeps sitting on the power lines in the back alley and going out to the trees on the front street. And she keeps calling to him and not getting and result. I keep whistling and I keep getting no result. I've been to the rookery to try to find him and I've gotten nothing."

      Canuck the Crow formed a bond with Bergman after falling out of the nest as a baby and being nursed to health by the son of his landlord.

      That connection continued for years and has been the subject of two documentaries, including the one below. But the bird wasn't loved by all the neighbours.

      Two years ago, Bergman claimed that there was a death threat against the bird after a dispute concerning Canada Post deliveries.

      The postal service refused to visit homes for two months after Canuck the Crow allegedly bit a letter carrier a few times, causing broken skin and bleeding.

      The issue was ultimately resolved, but Bergman's message suggests that he thinks someone may have wanted to do some harm.

      Bergman closed his recent message by describing Canuck as "family".

      "Please help me bring Canuck home safe, please. I love him."

      Video: Canuck & I tells the story of Canuck the Crow's bond with Shawn Bergman.