Bonnis brothers scale down condo project in Vancouver’s Chinatown

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      A revised rezoning application has been submitted for a development site north of the Vancouver viaducts.

      It’s a scaled down version of the original proposal by the Bonnis Development Corporation, which Chinatown heritage advisors previously thought to be too massive for the historic neighbourhood.

      The initial application called for a 150-foot tall building at the corner of Main and Union streets.

      The project was supposed to have 15 storeys, with 99 condo units and 19 social housing units.

      Before the rezoning application was filed in May 2017, an earlier version that was presented to the Chinatown Historic Area Planning Committee (CHAPC) involved an extra floor, with 16 storeys.

      Helen Lee, who was chair of the CHAPC at the time, told the Georgia Straight in a phone interview then that the project struck committee members as a poor fit in the neighbourhood.

      “It seems like it’s one big, bulky façade and building,” Lee said in February 2017.

      Lee is no longer a member of the committee.

      The CHAPC meets on September 12, and its agenda indicates that a new rezoning application has been filed with the City of Vancouver.

      According to the agenda, the revised application for 728-796 Main Street is for an 11-storey building.

      The number of condo units has been reduced from the original total of 99 to a new count of 73.

      The number of social housing units remains the same at 19.

      The development site involves four properties.

      One is the location of the Brickhouse Late Nite Bistro and Bar, which will be demolished.

      South of the Brickhouse are two vacant lots.

      The fourth property is the Creekside Student Residence, which wraps around Union Street. It will also be demolished. The 18 housing units at the single-room accommodation hotel will be replaced with 19 new units that are going to be relocated at the new development, and turned over to the City of Vancouver.

      Bonnis Development is owned by brothers Kerry and Dino Bonnis.