Elderly B.C. man gets 10 years, avoids longer jail time for sexual abuse of two daughters

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      Were it not for his age and health, a B.C. man would have been sent to prison a longer time for a grievous offence.

      The man was found guilty of sexually abusing his two daughters for over a decade or more.

      Because he’s now nearly 87 years old and dementia is emerging upon him, the man was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

      “If you were 60 years old instead of 86, you would be going to jail for between 15 and 20 years,” B.C. Supreme Court judge Arne Silverman said in his oral reasons for sentence.

      According to Silverman, the offences date back to the late 1960s and continued until the late 1970s.

      “If one sentence could sum up what you have done, it is this.  You denied your daughters their childhood,” Silverman said.

      Silverman recalled that the abuse started when the girls were 10 years old.

      The judge noted that the man “groomed them both by attempting to normalize the sexual abuse telling them that this is what little girls, good girls, do for their fathers”.

      “There were hundreds of incidents of sexual abuse of the two victims collectively over a substantial period of time, perhaps as long as a decade or more in duration,” according to the judge.

      The man used violence to “conceal the abuse and prevent disclosure such as threats that if they told anybody, he would kill them and their relatives that they had told”.

      The offender also used his “fearful and innocent young son to perpetrate sexual violence against one of the sisters”.

      “He exploited and degraded one of his daughters and his son by using an intoxicating substance to facilitate the sexual activity between them, that he had first and by allowing other adult males to watch and masturbate in the presence of and film the children,” Silverman recalled.

      According to Silverman, the two sisters “suffered physical and psychological trauma which persists and which was on display here when they gave their evidence”.