Global News releases grainy video showing Justin Trudeau in blackface—marking third time this has occurred

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      Justin Trudeau's predilection for wearing costumes continues to haunt him on the campaign trail.

      This morning, Global News has released video of the Liberal leader wearing blackface makeup, which also covers his arms and hands.

      In the video, Trudeau is seen lifting his hands in the air and sticking out his tongue.

      According to reporter Mercedes Stephenson, it appears as though his legs are also covered in the makeup because they appear to be black through his torn jeans.

      The new video has emerged a day after a photo emerged of Trudeau wearing brownface makeup at an event in 2001.

      Speaking to reporters last night, he admitted that he wore makeup on one other occasion—when he sang "Day O" in high school.

      Globe and Mail reporter Robert Fife has tweeted this image to his followers.

      Stephenson said that Global has verified that the latest video was not taken while Trudeau was in high school, so it marks the third time that he has done this.

      Trudeau did not mention this latest incident when speaking to the reporters on an airplane last night.

      Time magazine released the 2001 photo, which was taken at a costume party when Trudeau was a teacher at West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver.

      Trudeau said he didn't know when the photo was taken that this was a racist thing to do. But he added that he realizes it now.

      He said he's "taken responsibility" and asked Canadians to forgive him.

      The inital image caused a political uproar, with Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer condemning Trudeau's judgment and saying he's not fit to govern the country. Scheer said this costume was racist in 2001 and it's racist in 2019.

      Green Leader Elizabeth May called it racist.

      NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh delivered a heartfelt message, saying it will open up wounds for Canadians who've experienced racism. "To you, I say you are loved," he said.

      A former member of the Liberal caucus, Celina Caesar-Chavannes, expressed her deep disappointment in Trudeau's response to the photo released by Time.

      She also retweeted the following messages.