Beavis or Butt-head for prime minister? There are other choices

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      What a mess.

      The leader of the Liberal party has been outed wearing blackface or brownface makeup three times in the past 24 hours.

      Justin Trudeau has also twice violated the Conflict of Interest Act.

      His government approved two pipelines and an LNG plant while professing to be interested in adhering to the Paris Agreement on reducing greenhouse gases. And he broke a promise to bring in proportional representation.

      Then there's Andrew Scheer, the social conservative who tries to act like he's not one.

      In opposing same-sex marriage, the leader of the Conservative party was seen in Parliament coming up with a kooky analogy of a dog's tail not being a dog's leg.

      Scheer also proudly ran with Stephen Harper, who wanted to introduce a racist barbaric-practices snitch line in 2015. 

      The anti-abortion group RightNow celebrated Scheer's victory in his party's leadership race in 2017.

      RightNow bragged about signing up thousands of anti-abortionists to the Conservative party.

      Scheer returned the favour by allowing a long list of anti-abortionists to carry the party banner in this election, including in the suburbs of Vancouver.

      It's nuts. These are the two choices to become the next prime minister of Canada? Beavis and Butt-head?

      Canadians can be forgiven if they think that these are the two choices for the next prime minister of Canada.

      There's never been a stronger case for a minority government.

      If you can't forgive Trudeau for his latest outrage, the default position is not to vote Conservative.

      That's because if Scheer forms a government, we'll inevitably see more state-sanctioned Islamophobia, zero authentic action to address the climate crisis, and more foreign military adventures causing death to people in other countries. That's the Conservative way. 

      With Trudeau, you get more public transit projects, more fossil-fuel production, and slippery Liberal ethics. 

      Take the time to read the NDP platform and the Green platform. Then cast your vote wisely.

      Don't stay home just because you can't stomach the two frontrunners. That only encourages them.