Picket lines go up at three downtown Vancouver hotels—Hyatt Regency, Pinnacle Vancouver, and Westin Bayshore

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      After 14 months without a contract, Unite Here Local 40 members have launched an open-ended strike at three luxury hotels.

      Picket lines are up at the Hyatt Regency, Pinnacle Vancouver, and Westin Bayshore.

      Outside these establishments can be heard the sounds of drumming and chants of "don't check in, check out" and "no justice, no peace".

      An 11-year room attendant of the Hyatt Regency, Naden Adenes, told the Straight that workers' spirits are high even though talks broke down overnight.

      "They dismissed all of the demands we had, especially for workload and job security," Adenes said.

      It's left her feeling exhausted and sometimes in pain at the end of her shifts.

      This striking worker wanted to ensure that people knew they were approaching a picket line.
      Charlie Smith

      She described her job as "very tough" because management is pushing workers harder.

      Adenes said she cleans 12 to 16 rooms, depending on the condition of the rooms and the number of guests checking out.

      The expectations are higher, she stated, when occupancy levels are high.

      "You're doing a job of two people instead one," Adenes said. "They keep cutting on staff, so we're short-staffed."

      The Pinnacle Vancouver on West Hastings Street was also the site of a noisy demonstration.
      Charlie Smith

      In addition to room attendants like Adenes, chefs, front-desk agents, and other staff are walking the picket lines.

      Some are holding signs saying "one job should be enough!" to illustrate their demands for a wage increase.

      Hotel workers picketed along the sidewalk outside the Westin Bayshore.
      Charlie Smith

      Safety is also a concern, according to the union.

      Workers at the Hotel Georgia have filed a complaint with the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal, alleging that management isn't doing enough to protect them from lecherous guests.

      A hearing has not been held yet and these allegations have not been proven before the tribunal.

      There are no picket lines at the Hotel Georgia, where strike and lockout notices have been issued.

      There were no signs of job action at the Hotel Georgia, where workers have given strike notice and management has issued lockout notice.
      Charlie Smith