Justin Trudeau says darkening one's face is "always unacceptable because of the racist history of blackface"

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      Justin Trudeau says he's doesn't know if there are more blackface images of him circulating.

      The Liberal party leader made the comment today, adding that he's "wary of being definitive" about the number of times he's done this because he did not remember the recent images that were released by Global TV.

      "I think the question is: 'how can you not remember that?' The fact is, I, uh, I didn't understand how hurtful this is to people who live with discrimination every single day," Trudeau told reporters.

      He also apologized, saying he's "deeply sorry".

      "It was something that minimizes and takes advantage of a reality that I have not had to live with—of being discriminated against, of being marginalized, of being judged for the colour of my skin, for my language, my background," Trudeau said.

      In addition, Trudeau emphasized that darkening one's face is "always unacceptable because of the racist history of blackface and I never should have done it".

      "It is something that people who live with the kind of discrimination that far too many people do—because of the colour of their skin or their history or their origins or their language or their religion face—on a regular basis," he said. "And I didn't see that from the layers of privilege that I have."

      Video: Justin Trudeau issued an apology today following the release of a third instance of him using makeup to make his face look darker than it is.