Andrew Scheer's dual citizenship would not be an issue had Conservatives not been so self-righteous in the past

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      Today's big story on the federal election campaign trail is not that hundreds of millions of people could die in the 21st century due to rising greenhouse gas emissions.

      No, reporters are focusing instead on Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer having dual Canadian-American citizenship.

      It's because his dad was born in the United States.

      It would be a complete non-event had it not been for the Conservatives making such a huge issue of former NDP leader Tom Mulcair and former Liberal leader Stéphane Dion having dual Canadian-French citizenship.

      Scheer even raised the issue of former governor general Michaëlle Jean's dual citizenship in a 2005 blog post.

      "On that blog post, it was a question I asked my constituents," Scheer told reporters today.

      Then, of course, there was the Conservative ad campaign in 2011 centred around Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff "just visiting" Canada.

      The episode makes the Conservatives look like hypocrites, even though dual citizenship should not bar someone from becoming prime minister.

      At least that's my opinion.

      Others, however, have a different view, judging by how this is playing out on Twitter.