Former B.C. Green party leader Stuart Parker endorses NDP candidate Svend Robinson in Burnaby North–Seymour

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      Political endorsements are common occurrences during federal election campaigns.

      But a recent one by former B.C. Green party leader Stuart Parker stands out in its heartfelt support for a politician who used to represent a rival party.

      Parker headed the Greens from 1993 to 2000 when Svend Robinson was an NDP MP representing residents of North Burnaby.

      Here's what Parker wrote on his website today about Robinson, who's attempting a political comeback as the NDP candidate in Burnaby North–Seymour:

      "In 1994, Svend and I both went to jail for opposing the last BC NDP government’s plan to log Clayoquot Sound. Back when I led the BC Greens, the Green Party of Canada never ran against Svend. That’s because he has always put principle and planet before party. There has never been a parliamentarian of any political stripe who has been as consistent as Svend in putting everything, including his freedom, on the line for our planet. That’s why I have always backed him 100% and that is why I proudly stand behind his candidacy today. There is no person our parliament needs more desperately, as we confront the climate crisis, than Svend Robinson."

      Robinson has called for radical changes to transition rapidly away from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

      "I am running to put climate change, global warming, at the top of our political agenda, to demand that we mobilize the same way nationally that we mobilized to fight a war," he said when he announced his candidacy in January. "Only this time it is a war to save our planet, a war with that does not take lives, but saves lives, a war for our children’s future."