NDP candidate Svend Robinson calls on Andrew Scheer to fire Conservative candidate for comments in videos

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      Heather Leung is quickly becoming one of the most famous Conservatives in Metro Vancouver.

      It's because the Burnaby North–Seymour candidate has surfaced in a Burnaby Now video, in which she accused homosexuals of trying to "recruit" children into their camp.

      Her comments came after the Burnaby school district passed an antihomophobia policy in 2013.

      "I'm going to witness darkness history in the school system in Burnaby," Leung said in the video. "I'm going to remind the other districts' parents to keep a close eye on their school board because they can disguise themselves as angels of lights to promote [an] antibullying environment in school. But instead, they are promoting homosexual, transsexual, all kind of homosexual acts to children, which they cannot [consent] in early age."

      Leung also declared that "because these homosexual people cannot reproduce the next generation, they recruit more and more people".

      Her NDP opponent in Burnaby North–Seymour, Svend Robinson, called on Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer to fire Leung as a candidate.

      "There’s no place in Canadian public discourse for this kind of thing," Robinson told News 1130. "She denounced what she called ‘perverted homosexual preferences’ and ‘perverted lifestyles’. She’s actively supporting conversion therapy, which is totally discredited, and destructive for young gay and lesbian, bisexual and trans people.”


      Shortly after this article appeared, the Conservatives dumped Leung as their candidate in Burnaby North–Seymour. For more details, go here