Vancouver Quadra Liberal candidate Joyce Murray posts most inspiring video of 2019 election campaign

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      Every once in a while a political campaign video commands your attention and forces you to watch.

      The most famous may have been Democratic presidential candidate Lyndon B. Johnson's "Daisy" advertisement, in which a little girl picks the petals off a flower. Moments later, a nuclear bomb goes off.

      The implication was that if people stayed home, Republican Barry Goldwater would be elected.

      In the 2019 election campaign, the imagery hasn't been that stark.

      But for me, one campaign video has stood out as the most memorable.

      It was posted on YouTube by Vancouver Quadra Liberal candidate Joyce Murray, highlighting Canada's response to the Syrian refugee crisis.

      Hassan Al Kontar's journey to Canada is told in this video, which was posted on YouTube by Liberal candidate Joyce Murray.

      It focuses on Hassan Al Kontar.

      He opens the video by saying that he refused to join the Syrian army. That's because he didn't want to be part of a "killing machine to destroy my own house or to kill my own brothers".

      So after two stints in jail, Al Kontar fled to Kuala Lumpur, where he was denied admission into Malaysia.

      As a result, he remained in limbo in the airport for nine months, generating enormous media attention.

      The only offer he received came from Canada.

      The video proudly declares that Canada accepted 25,000 Syrian refugees within a 100-day period.

      "I first met Hassan working at a cafe in our riding, and I was inspired by his story," Murray states on YouTube. "Thanks to our government and thousands of private sponsors, Canadians have welcomed many people fleeing war, persecution and human rights abuses.

      "Thousands like Hassan are already making strong contributions to our community," Murray continues. "This is the Canada we love. On October 21st, let’s keep it that way."

      Contrast the video above with one by the People's Party of Canada. It appeared on leader Maxime Bernier's Twitter feed and complains about "mass immigration".