Two Vancouver hotels with striking employees found using banned replacement workers

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      The Labour Relations Board has ordered two Vancouver luxury hotels to stop using people to do the job of their striking workers.

      This is the third time that the LRB has made such an order since the Westin Bayshore and Pinnacle Vancouver have been hit with a strike.

      Workers in two other hotels–Hyatt Regency and Hotel Georgia–are also on strike.

      In a decision dated October 2, 2019, LRB vice-chair Stephanie Drake established that Westin Bayshore breached the Labour Relations Code when hotel manager Catherine Fratric performed cleaning duties.

      Fratric was seen and photographed on September 25 while she was “walking through the Westin wearing a cleaning uniform”.

      According to Drake, the employer “conceded that Fratric had performed impermissible replacement work contrary to the Code”.

      Over at the Pinnacle, restaurant manager Theresa-Anne Clarke cleaned guest rooms on September 23.

      “The Employer conceded this occurred and was a breach of the Code,” Drake wrote.

      The striking workers belong to Unite Here Local 40.