Progressives plan rally to protest against "extremist anti-choice" Conservative candidate Tamara Jansen

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      The Conservatives have nominated several right-wing Christian activists in the suburbs surrounding Vancouver, including Tamara Jansen.

      She's running as Andrew Scheer's standard bearer in Cloverdale-Langley City, which elected Liberal John Aldag in the 2015 election.

      It's a swing riding, so on Monday (October 14) progressives plan to hold a demonstration against her candidacy at 11 a.m. at 5630 176 Street in Cloverdale.

      There are several reasons underlying the protest.

      First of all, Jansen is an anti-abortion activist. According to the Vancouver Sun's Daphne Bramham, Jansen recent went door-knocking with Alissa Golob, cofounder of the anti-abortion group RightNow.

      Jansen, owner of Darvonda Nurseries, has also been accused of being a climate-change denier. This came after she claimed that a Business Insider article about rising greenhouse gas emissions was "full of scare mongering".

      The article pointed out that carbon dioxide equivalents had exceeded 410 parts per million in the atmosphere.

      "In comparison, our greenhouse CO2 levels are set for 800 ppm to have any effect on plant growth and would need to be over 45,000 ppm to have any ill health effects," Jansen wrote.

      In addition, she's promoted blog posts that are critical of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.

      And she has been a vocal opponent of legislation allowing physician-assisted death, which was passed in the wake of a Supreme Court of Canada ruling on this issue.

      Jansen's biography on her campaign website makes no mention of her support for socially conservative causes and instead plays up her business career.