Angus Reid Institute poll shows continued momentum for NDP under Jagmeet Singh

The Conservatives remain in the lead among decided voters, followed by the Liberals

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      The summary of a new poll carries these words in the headline: "Minority Report?"

      It's the Angus Reid Institute's way of immediately conveying that the rise of the NDP and the Bloc Québécois is making a Conservative or Liberal majority less likely in the October 21 election.

      Among decided voters, the Conservatives are in the lead at 33 percent, according to the poll, followed by the Liberals at 29 percent.

      The NDP under Jagmeet Singh has risen to 19 percent, up five percentage points since the beginning of October.

      Singh's favourability rating is 64 percent, up 25 percentage points since the start of the campaign.

      Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer's favourability rating is 37 percent, compared to 36 percent for Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.

      Green Leader Elizabeth May's favourability rating is 47 percent, whereas Bloc Québécois Leader Yves-Francois Blanchet is at 56 percent.

      The Greens and the Bloc are both at eight percent among decided voters.

      "With election day approximately a week away, just half of Canadian voters (52%) say they are absolutely locked in to support one specific party," the Angus Reid Institute said in its report. "Thus, the vote result on October 21 will depend on personal calculations in the final days.

      "On this front, the Conservatives hold the advantage: vote certainty among their supporters remains highest, while the NDP’s late momentum appears subject to change based on the fluidity of their supporters. The same phenomenon is seen among Green supporters, and to a lesser extent, among Liberal supporters."