People's Party of Canada candidate's signs in North Vancouver targeted with racist graffiti

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      When Azmairnin Jadavji was 10 years old, he immigrated to Canada with his parents, both professionals, to build a new life in Canada.

      As a young adult, he founded Pardon Services Canada, which was a pioneering company in helping Canadians get their criminal reords cleared. It's since been rebranded as "AllCleared".

      But now, after raising four children in what he calls a great nation, Jadavji has been targeted by racist graffiti.

      Hateful messages were smeared across his campaign signs announcing him as the People's Party of Canada candidate in North Vancouver.

      “I was shocked and disappointed that in this age and time, someone will make such derogatory and irresponsible comments, on the edge of committing a hate crime," Jadjavi said in a party news release. "I represent People’s Party of Canada that stands for equality of all people."

      The graffiti referred to him as an "Arab" when in fact, he's an Ismaili Muslim who traces his roots back to East Africa. Many Ismailis who ended up East Africa during the British colonial era came from what's now the state of Gujarat in India.

      “I am a proud Canadian and I [have a] strong voice on issues important to Canadians," Jadjavi said in a party news release. "I want to contribute and represent the good people of North Vancouver in our Parliament to represent the important issues to Canadians and help find the practical solutions to issues such as environment, transportation, economy, [and] healthcare among others. "Though it is sad, but such hateful graffiti is not going to discourage me from doing my job."

      Video: Azmairnin Jadavji explains why he's running for the People's Party of Canada.

      In the 2017 provincial election, swastikas were written on campaign signs for B.C. Liberal candidate Naomi Yamamoto and NDP candidate Bowinn Ma.

      According to the Jadavji campaign, the North Vancouver RCMP detachment has opened a file and are investigating the recent vandalism to his signs.