Imtiaz Popat: Bigotry should be an election issue

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      Bigotry has been ignored as a major issue by the media as well as by the major political parties in this campaign, even thought it formed a major backdrop in the election.

      Justin Trudeau made and apologized for his brownface faux pas, but proposes nothing to deal with bigotry in his platform.

      When confronted with racism, Jagmeet Singh offers "Love and Courage" as a solution. 

      We have seen the recent rise of Islamophobia, antisemitism, transphobia, and homophobia, yet no major party is talking about this in this election except for the People's Party of Canada.

      When he was prime minister, Stephen Haper removed section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act that defined what is a hate crime, allowing hate propaganda to grow.

      Now the Conservative Party of Canada says it will make sure that it will never be put back in the name of freedom of speech, allowing hate groups to promote more hate. The CPP also want to remove the new section 16 of the Human Rights Act, which protects transgender people. Yet no other party is talking about restoring section 13 of the Human Rights Act and protecting our rights.

      In the last election, Bill C-51 was a big election issue. Yet no party is talking about the now Anti-terrorism Act in this election.

      Muslims have been falsely charged under the Anti-terrorism Act, but white supremacists have have not been charged with any act of terror after killing people while praying in a mosque.

      I have repeatedly asked politicians to raise these issues, yet there is silence on the issue in this election from the politicians and the media. This is why I am running as an independent in this election in Vancouver Centre.