Nine-year-old Frankie Sarti gets a chance to assess four national political leaders up close

You might be surprised by what he said when asked which one would get his vote

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      Vancouver resident Frankie Sarti is only nine years old, but he has already met the leaders of four of Canada's national political parties.

      On the weekend, he strategically positioned himself near the door at the Prospect Point Bar & Grill to get his photo taken with Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer.

      The first national leader he encountered was Justin Trudeau at Douglas Park during the 2015 campaign.

      Green Leader Elizabeth May was next, also in 2015, in Thornton Park.

      Then Frankie met NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh at this year's Chinese New Year parade in Chinatown.

      Frankie is politically sophisticated—he's also met many municipal and provincial politicians over the years.

      This morning, his dad, Doug*, asked Frankie who would get his vote in today's election.

      "None of them," Frankie replied. "I'm going to run for prime minister myself!"