Justin Trudeau seizes the spotlight by interrupting Andrew Scheer's concession speech

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      In a surprising move, Justin Trudeau walked out to the podium and delivered his victory speech only a couple of minutes after his main rival started to speak.

      Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer was giving his opening remarks to his supporters in Regina when Trudeau suddenly stole the spotlight.

      The TV networks switched to Trudeau in Montreal, preventing Scheer from speaking to a national audience.

      Trudeau began by announcing his love for his wife and his kids.

      Then he praised the staff and volunteers who helped the Liberals win a minority government.

      "You did it my friends, congratulations," Trudeau said.

      In his speech, Trudeau also promised to "govern for everyone".

      "We seek hardship for none and prosperity for all," he said.

      Video: Watch Justin Trudeau's victory speech on election night.

      The Liberals have won or are leading in 156 ridings. The Conservatives have won or are leading in 122 ridings. The Bloc Québécois is in third place with 32 seats, folllowed by the NDP at 24.

      Three Greens were elected, including the leader, Elizabeth May.

      CTV and CBC decided to play the rest of Scheer's speech immediately after Trudeau finished.

      "We ran an excellent campaign from top to bottom and for that, we should all be proud," Scheer said.

      He pointed out that the Liberals lost seats and support in every region of the country.

      The Conservative leader said that his party was leading the popular vote.

      "We have picked up seats and support in almost every region of the country," Scheer said.

      Video: Watch Andrew Scheer's election night speech.