Man breaking strata bylaws in Richmond retaliates with anti-Chinese rant caught on video

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      Yet another example of Sinophobia in Metro Vancouver has been captured on video.

      According to News 1130, an unidentified woman noticed a man washing his vehicle in front of a sign that says no-washing (in both English and Chinese) on the morning of November 2.

      He was also blocking several parking spots at a residential strata complex near Cambie Road and No. 4 Road.

      As the man was breaking strata bylaws, the woman got out of the car to take a picture of his license plate to report him to the strata.

      However, the man then launched into a racist rant against Chinese people. He told her and her friend to go back to China, even though both of them were born in Canada, and said that he hates “fucking Chinese”.

      He also sprayed her and her car with his water hose.

      Her nine-year-old daughter was waiting in her car.

      Richmond News reported that Richmond RCMP were not notified about the incident and will therefore not be investigating.

      Several viral videos capturing Lower Mainlanders making racist rants against Asian people have been circulating online in recent months.

      Last week, a bystander shot a video of a female customer at Shoppers Drug Mart in Burnaby yelling at staff to speak English, swearing at them, and insulting them for speaking Chinese.

      On September 6, Burnaby RCMP arrested 45-year-old Raul Miguel Rubio-Alabau for racially abusing and assaulting an individual, and he was found to be also caught on video making racist and sexist comments on a bus.  

      In August, Carla Waldman was recorded on video yelling racist insults at an Asian woman in a parking lot in Richmond. After an investigation, Richmond RCMP determined that the incident didn’t meet the requirements for criminal charges.