Canada Revenue Agency and RCMP phone scam spreads to Surrey and Kelowna

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      A scam that has been resurfacing in parts of Metro Vancouver has been reported in Surrey and Kelowna.

      Surrey RCMP stated in a news release on October 30 that they have been receiving reports of individuals receiving phone calls from callers who claim to be Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) employees.

      The fraudsters often pressure their victims into making payments on fake tax debts or tell them they will be arrested (or that a warrant has been issued for their arrest).

      On October 28, Surrey RCMP received two separate reports of these CRA scams which included caller ID spoofing, in which software or applications are used to display a fake identity of the caller. In both cases, spoofing was used to display the Surrey RCMP non-emergency phone number.

      West Kelowna RCMP stated in a news release on October 31 that similar fraudulent phone calls are being made that falsely appear to be coming from the West Kelowna RCMP detachment.  

      Surrey RCMP are reminding citizens that they do not collect taxes for the CRA and will never call to demand money. Surrey RCMP added that the CRA will never call to say there is a warrant for an arrest.

      Anyone who receives such calls should hang up and report the fraud to police and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, and warn family and friends.

      If in doubt, call the CRA or police by using publically accessible contact details.

      Anyone who has given payment over the phone and may be a victim of fraud is asked to do the above in addition to contacting Equifax and Trans Union to protect your credit record.

      On October 17, the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) issued a warning that they received reports about people receiving calls that falsely appeared to be from the VPD or CRA.

      In September, Coquitlam RCMP warned citizens about an increase in CRA and Bitcoin scam phone calls while Burnaby RCMP arrested an individual involved in fraudulent phone calls.