Lower Mainland Husky station robbed of Remembrance Day donations box

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      It ranks among one of the lowest things anyone can do and yet it seems to happen every year around this time in November.

      The operators of a gas station in Langley have shared a video on social media that appears to show a man stealing a Remembrance Day donations box.

      The security-camera footage made available on Facebook captures a white male approaching the gas station’s cashier’s desk, placing his coat over the donation box, and then turning around and exiting the store.

      Donations boxes are distributed throughout Canada each September ahead of Remembrance Day on October 11. People drop in a few coins or a small bill and take a red poppy that they’ll then wear on their chest to commemorate Canadian soldiers who fought and died in past wars. The money goes to support veterans, many of whom are elderly and in need.

      The theft of the gas station’s donations box occurred at a Husky Station at 216 Street in Milner, Langley Township, shortly after 8 a.m. last Thursday (November 7), according to CBC News.

      That article notes that the gas-station’s operators believe the theft involved a second person who’s actions were also captured by security cameras. The man who stole the donation box entered the gas station with a woman, CBC News reports, and she spoke with the station attendant, distracting them while the crime was carried out.

      "It's very sad, that's all I can say,” the station’s owner, Long Nguyen, told CBC News. “As a business owner, people come in here and pick things up [steal] time to time. But this is for the vets."

      Langley RCMP have arrested a man who authorities believe is responsible for the theft. He has not yet been charged with a crime but received a notice to appear in court.