Author Naomi Klein endorses Bernie Sanders for Democratic Party presidential nomination

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      An American, Barack Obama, helped tipped the recent Canadian election toward the Liberals when he endorsed Justin Trudeau.

      Now, a Canadian author, Naomi Klein, is trying to do the same for U.S. Democratic presidential-nomination contender Bernie Sanders.

      Klein, author of This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate, said in a videotaped endorsement that he has the boldest climate plan.

      "The real reason why I support Bernie is because I know that he's a fighter," Klein declared. "I've known him for many years. I know where he comes from in this struggle.

      "Someone once said to me serious people have serious enemies," she continued. "And in the fight for climate justice and for a livable future, we have very serious enemies. They have a lot of money—they have limitless money—and they have a lot of power.

      "And we don't win against them unless we build a movement that is so powerful and so clear about the stakes of this moment and the fact that it is indeed a fight and that we have to fight for life."

      Klein accused Sanders's enemies of "siding with death".

      In the 2016 election, Klein came under criticism for not endorsing Hillary Clinton after she defeated Sanders for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.

      She wrote about this in her 2017 book, No Is Not Enough: Resisting the New Shock Politics and Winning the World We Need.

      "I lost friends over it, as others did on all sides—people who blame me and people like me for Hillary's defeat because we did not publicly endorse her or because we were so hard on her corporate entanglements during the primary," Klein revealed in the book.

      "And I have trouble forgiving people like the liberal economist Paul Krugman, who has written so much of such great importance about economic inequality and  bank fraud over the years, and yet used his influential  platform in the New York Times to repeatedly attack the only candidate, Bernie Sanders, who was serious about battling income inequality and taking on the banks."