Mayor Kennedy Stewart says survey shows strong support for four-storey apartments in single-family neighbourhoods

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      After one year in office, Vancouver mayor Kennedy Stewart is laying the groundwork for much greater densification in parts of the city.

      In a mass email, Stewart revealed the results of a "2019 Housing Vancouver Survey" that elicited more than 1,700 responses.

      It showed that more than 60 percent strongly agree and more than 20 percent of other respondents moderately agree with council allowing up to four-storey apartments in single-family neighbourhoods.

      Stewart stated that this survey was conducted online "to learn what is important from supporters like you".

      It has no scientific validity and there's no reason to believe it can be extrapolated to represent the population of Vancouver.

      "Vancouver needs more rental housing now," Stewart declared. "And not only are most residents demanding more rental housing, but they also want everything from townhouses to multi-storey apartment buildings."

      Only 20.1 percent stated that they did not want a six-storey rental building in their neighbourhood, compared with 79.9 percent who said that this was okay with them.

      The survey also found that more than 60 percent of respondents strongly agree that city council should offer more financial incentives to build more rental housing.

      More than 20 percent of additional respondents moderately agree with that idea.

      "As your Mayor, I will continue pushing for the changes needed to deliver more rental homes, especially for those households earning less than $80,000 annually," Stewart wrote. "From advocating for more private and public rental housing investment, to encouraging policy changes that will accelerate construction of a significant number of rental units over the long term, every day I am working to take on the challenges and seek out solutions to the housing crisis."

      The email did not reveal where the survey respondents lived in Vancouver.

      It was released shortly after the Squamish Nation announced plans to build 6,000 units of mostly rental housing in 11 buildings at the southern end of the Burrard Bridge.

      Last year, Vancouver developed 1,364 purpose-built rental units.

      "The next opportunity for the public to speak to council on what the City of Vancouver can do to increase rental housing development is coming soon," Stewart stated. "Later this fall, city staff are expected to present the rental incentive review report on existing and new measures that will stimulate more rental housing construction in our city. I hope you can attend and even sign up to speak to council."