The 10 worst Vancouver Canucks jerseys to own

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      Last week, we tried to identify the top 10 best Canucks jerseys to own.

      We took into consideration the logo as well as the player in question for that exercise, and we’ll attempt to do the same thing for the top 10 worst Canucks jerseys to own.

      Is this going to be a little harsh? Perhaps. But we couldn't revel in celebrating joy for too long, it's just not how we're wired. 

      Here are the top 10 worst Canucks jerseys to own.

      And we’re very sorry if you’ve got one of these in your closet. Hopefully it stays there. 

      10. Any nickname jersey

      A Jake Virtanen jersey? Sure. Might not look great in a couple years, but right now it's a fine buy. 

      A Jeff Cowan jersey? Um, OK. Rare and kind of cool in its own right, as it brings back the improbable hot streak the forward went on in 2007 (and the bras that followed). 

      But when it comes to "Shotgun Jake" on a sweater, or "Brabarian", we are completely, 100 percent out.

      It's not funny, or original, just so you know. 

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      9. Loui Eriksson white "Vancouver" orca

      It's hard to imagine now, but there were big expectations for Eriksson in Vancouver. After all, he had just scored 30 goals with the Boston Bruins and had experienced success playing with the Sedin twins on the international circuit. 

      We know how it played out. Wearing an Eriksson jersey unironically these days is tough. Maybe even impossible. 

      8. Erik Gudbranson blue "Vancouver" orca

      Like Eriksson, this might not have been a terrible gamble at the time. 

      After all, some defensive stalwarts were able to find a decent amount of popularity in the city. Look at Dan Hamhuis, Willie Mitchell or even Chris Tanev.

      But Gudbranson couldn't find his game in Vancouver and likely goes down as one of the least popular players of the last five years. 

      7. Your own name

      Unless you're a kid, it's just not a good look. 

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      6. David Booth blue "Vancouver" orca

      The rare jersey that gets even worse after a player retires. 

      Booth was expected to do big things in Vancouver after some solid averages in Florida. 

      But it never came to fruition for Booth as a Canuck. And a number of his more recent comments and actions have garnered some (not exactly positive) attention in the aftermath.

      5. Keith Ballard white “Vancouver” orca

      One of the worst trades in Vancouver Canucks history, it’s best to try and forget Keith Ballard’s time as a Canuck, if possible.

      The veteran defenceman was brought to Vancouver as the Canucks loaded up in 2011 to try and become a Stanley Cup contender.

      But it was an ill-advised deal that sent a first-round pick, Steve Bernier and Michael Grabner to Florida for Ballard’s services.

      The rearguard didn’t deliver—he was a frequent health scratch with the Canucks and was eventually the target of one of the team’s compliance buyouts.  

      4. Vladimir Krutov black skate

      A recurring theme with the list will be “veteran star who comes to Vancouver and doesn’t live up to the grand expectations.”

      And despite what you may have heard about a certain bald Lays Potato Chips advocate, Krutov is the best example of that in Canucks history.

      The Russian legend came over to North America with fellow countryman Igor Larionov in 1989 to play for a Canucks team desperate for some offensive firepower.

      But Krutov battled weight issues during his one season with the team and was general ineffective.

      Sadly, Krutov passed away in 2012 at the age of 52.

      A less sensitive person would make the joke that if you’re going to get a Krutov jersey, you better make it a XXL.

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      3. Cody Hodgson stick in rink alternate

      Buying a Cody Hodgson jersey in 2010 probably seemed like a great idea.

      The team’s number 10 overall pick in 2008 was projected to do big things in the NHL. For years, he was Vancouver’s top prospect and showed decently in his first game action in 2010-11. He also scored 33 points in 63 games with the Canucks the next season.

      But things went downhill quickly. He was traded to the Buffalo Sabres for Zach Kassian, and though he started out pretty well with the Sabres, he was out of the NHL at the age of 25.

      It’s something of a sad story, and it’s hard to blame Canucks fans for taking the shot on a Hodgson jersey. But it just didn’t work out.

      2. Mats Sundin blue “Vancouver” orca

      Look, Mats Sundin was fine during his one year with the Vancouver Canucks.

      He scores 28 points in 41 regular season games and added eight in as many playoff contests.

      But a Canucks Sundin jersey just never seemed right, and still doesn’t. Sundin is a Toronto Maple Leaf, and a Canucks Sundin jersey feels like a waste.

      1. Mark Messier white orca

      Not much of a surprise here.

      If you know anything about Vancouver Canucks history, you know that Mark Messier is without a doubt the most hated player in team lore. Just check the team’s Reddit page.

      It doesn’t need to be rehashed, but in case you’re a glutton for punishment:

      • stole a Stanley Cup from the Canucks while with the New York Rangers
      • wore a number previously retired for a dead person
      • took the captaincy from Trevor Linden
      • was a waste of money on the ice.

      If you wear a Messier jersey in Vancouver, don’t expect to be received warmly. 

      It's not the worst Canucks jersey in history though. That honour belongs to this beauty

      Stick tap to Sportnet's Justin Morissette for going down a rather dark rabbit hole. 

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