NPA members elect a former Rebel Media bureau chief and the B.C. Conservatives president to party board

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      The new board of the Non Partisan Association has a distinctly right-wing flavour.

      This week, the recently elected directors include:

      * Ryan Warawa, who's listed as president of the B.C. Conservatives on its website. Warawa, son of recently deceased former Conservative MP Mark Warawa, was actively supporting Glen Chernen at the party's 2018 mayoral nomination meeting. Chernen is listed as the secretary of the B.C. Conservatives on its website. After Chernen lost the NPA mayoral nomination to businessman Ken Sim, he ran as a council candidate with the harder right-wing Coalition Vancouver party. Warawa was elected to a one-year term.

      * Christopher Wilson, who was publicly chastised by Liberal cabinet minister Catherine McKenna in 2017. This came after Wilson, then the B.C. bureau chief of the notoriously alt-right Rebel Media, described McKenna as a "Climate Barbie". Wilson is listed as a director-at-large on the B.C. Conservatives' website. (Two-year term)

      * Phyllis Tang, a former Yes Vancouver candidate for council who was endorsed in 2018 by the "Let's Vote Association". An anti SOGI 123 school curriculum website,, included a link to this association, which endorsed several right-wing candidates. Only one of them, Tang, was with Yes Vancouver, and she didn't join her party colleagues in marching in the Vancouver Pride parade. (One-year term)

      * Ray Goldenchild, a sports management consultant, long-time youth soccer volunteer, and former Vancouver 1st park board candidate. He also received an endorsement from Let's Vote Association. (Three-year term)

      Christopher Wilson was a frequent critic of carbon taxes as a Rebel Media reporter and commentator.
      Rebel Media screen shot

      Among the candidates endorsed by Let's Vote Association in 2018 in Burnaby were Heather Leung, who was bounced by the federal Conservatives in Burnaby North–Seymour this year for her homophobic views.

      In 2018 in Burnaby, the Let's Vote Association also endorsed Alain Deng, a People's Party of Canada candidate in Vancouver South this year. He has previously described Islam as a "disgusting religion" and a "savage faith". 

      Another recently elected director of the NPA is the former mayoral candidate for the anti-development ProVancouver, David Chen (two-year term).

      In the past, Chen has argued in favour of retaining the Georgia and Dunsmuir viaducts and supported seasonal rather than year-round bike lanes. Chen has also called for more rental-only projects near rapid-transit stations.

      Former NPA mayoral candidate Ken Sim endorsed five candidates elected to the party board this week.
      Charlie Smith

      Five other directors elected were part of a so-called Group of Seven bloc endorsed by former NPA mayoral candidate Ken Sim, according a report on the Breaker website. They are:

      * Jane Frost, former federal bureaucrat who was allowed to run despite the Breaker reporting that a slim majority on the board had called for her removal from the ballot.

      * Dave Pasin, a federal Liberal who's run in the past with the NPA for park board.

      * Virginia Richards, a Vancouver interior designer.

      * Marie Rogers, a Vancouver public relations consultant.

      * Corey Sue, a Vancouver chartered professional accountant.

      They join the following directors, who were already on the board:

      * Federico Fuoco, a former Vancouver 1st council candidate and prominent Commercial Drive businessman who's led the fight against bike lanes on that street. Fuoco was on the NPA board when it green-lighted Chernen's candidacy for the party's mayoral nomination while vetoing then councillor Hector Bremner's application.

      * Robert Boyd, a Vancouver mortgage broker who was also on the NPA board when it green-lighted Chernen and vetoed Bremner. Boyd's Linkedin profile includes endorsements from high-profile Vancouver Conservatives like Dunbar Theatre owner Ken Charko and current provincial party president Ryan Warawa.

      * Joe Sebestyen, a lawyer in the Dentons' energy regulatory group. He previously worked as an in-house counsel for Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines.

      * David Mawhinney, former manager of the Media Club.

      * Maxwell Manley, chair of the U40 group of NPA members under the age of 40.

      In the last election, Sim's plan for expanding housing options mainly consisted of supporting more secondary suites and "attainable rental accommodation" on city-owned land. 

      Critics suggested that the NPA's plan for housing young people was to force them to live in basement suites rather than allowing more purpose-built rentals in large areas of the city currently zoned for single-family housing.

      Correction: This article originally misidentified Virginia Richards as a Vancouver lawyer.