Eight people arrested in Delta investigation into drug-trafficking, involving crystal meth and fentanyl

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      After Delta police conducted a two-month investigation into drug trafficking, police arrested eight individuals and seized drugs including crystal meth, crack cocaine, and fentanyl.  

      When Delta patrol officers had begun to notice a trend of activity suggesting drug-trafficking, the Delta Police Department (DPD) launched Project Screaming Eagle to investigate.

      On October 18, police arrested an individual in the area of the 12000 block of 84th Avenue in Surrey, and seized $7,000 worth of street drugs, including crack cocaine and fentanyl; about $3,000 cash; and a vehicle believed to be used for drug dealing.

      After that, Delta police, assisted by the Lower Mainland District Emergency Response Team, used a search warrant at a residence in the 12000 block of 84th Avenue in Surrey on November 27.

      Officers arrested seven individuals at the location and also seized suspected crystal methamphetamine, cash, and evidence linked to drug-trafficking.

      The DPD stated in a news release that they expect to recommend several charges to Crown Counsel.