Andrew Scheer resigns as Conservative leader

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      Two days after a website and social media campaign were created to save his job, Andrew Scheer has decided to throw in the towel.

      Today, he told caucus that he's stepping down as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

      According to the Globe and Mail, this occurred a day after former cabinet minister John Baird "tabled a highly critical report" on the Conservatives' election campaign.

      Earlier this week, the #StandwithScheer campaign was launched by those who wanted Scheer to remain as Conservative leader.

      It was a response to another website,, which called for his resignation.

      Among those involved in the campaign to oust Scheer were former B.C. MP John Reynolds and some people who worked in the Prime Minister's Office under Stephen Harper.

      Many of Scheer's critics, including former Harper press secretary Sara McIntyre, felt that his ongoing boycott of Pride events was disrespectful to the LGBT community.