Delta police arrest four suspects on visas allegedly running driveway pavement scam

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      Police arrested four male suspects on visas who were running a fake driveway paving business that had been targeting victims in Delta.   

      The Delta Police Department stated today (January 23) that a resident reported on January 19 that a man had approached him, claiming to own an asphalt company called Top Style Asphalt Contractors and offering him a deal on repaving his driveway.

      When the resident became suspicious and Googled the company name, he could not find it online despite the man claiming it had a 25 year history.

      As police were investigating the incident, they received another report from a resident who had paid $1,500 earlier this month to have her driveway repaved.

      However, the work wasn’t done on the agreed date and the contractor did not respond to phone calls.

      After officers launched a street search in North Delta for the van associated with the individuals involved, they located the vehicle on 119A Street on the same day as the citizen reports.

      Police arrested four male individuals and found they were all in Canada on visitor visas. All suspects, who may be subject to a removal order from Canada, are in the custody of the Canada Border Services Agency under an Immigration and Refugee Protection Act investigation.

      Anyone in Delta who paid in advance to have a driveway repaved by Top Style Asphalt Contractors is asked to contact the DPD at 604-946-4411 while residents of any other cities are encouraged to contact police of their jurisdiction, and reference DPD file 2020-1376.