Surrey RCMP and Vancouver police to investigate sexual-misconduct allegation against Delta police officer

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      The Delta Police Department (DPD) has requested an independent investigation into a sexual-misconduct allegation involving two of its officers.

      The DPD announced in a news release issued today (January 23) that the DPD Chief Neil Dubord has requested an investigation to be conducted by Surrey RCMP into the actions of a DPD police officer.

      Delta police management had received an allegation of an off-duty incident of a sexual nature involving two off-duty Delta police officers. The incident did not occur at a police facility.

      After reviewing the allegations, the DPD determined that the issue required a criminal investigation.

      As the investigation is being conducted, one officer has been suspended with pay.

      Chief Dubord stated that after the RCMP investigation, the Vancouver Police Department will take responsibility for a Police Act investigation to be overseen by the Officer of the Police Complaints Commissioner.

      The DPD is not offering any further comment during the investigation.

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