Return of Fairview Pub at proposed Vancouver hotel project unknown

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      Vancouver city council is scheduled to hold a public hearing on a rezoning application for a new hotel.

      The development site is at 878-898 West Broadway, currently home to Park Inn and Suites by Radisson, and three other businesses.

      These businesses are the Fairview Pub, a beer and wine store, and a car rental.

      A staff report to council indicated the beer and wine store and the car rental are “anticipated to remain on site”.

      Although the project will provide space for a pub, it is not known whether Fairview Pub, which has been operating at the location for 30 years or so, will return.

      “A pub space has been included in the proposal, however it is undetermined at this time whether it will remain as the Fairview Pub,” planner Karen Hoese wrote in her report.

      The Fairview Pub is cherished in the community, and is one of the few remaining venues for live music on the west side of the city.

      “Some concerns were raised regarding the loss of the Fairview Pub music venue,” Hoese noted.

      Centennial Hotel Ltd. is proposing to build two hotel towers of 11 and 13 storeys. There will be commercial spaces on ground level.

      The public hearing for the rezoning application is set to be held on Thursday (January 30).

      In a note to council, Coro Sellan wrote that the Fairview Pub is the “only place” where seniors like himself can “go dancing and socialize”.

      “I and many others would be completely lost if the Fairview should close,” Sellan stated.

      In a separate note to council, Karen Clark said that she produces shows at the Fairview Pub for people who are more than 50 years old as well as for the disabled.

      Clark noted that she lives partly on disability allowance, and her job at the pub supplements her income.

      Clark wrote that she is concerned about the longtime employees at the pub, who will be out of work because of the development.

      “We need the Fairview Pub to stay open because the music scene in Vancouver is dying a very slow death with the disappearance of places to go,” Clark stated.

      In her report, city planner Hoese noted that the “major concern” over the proposed development was the “loss of the Fairview Pub”.

      According to Hoese, there was a “preference to see the pub retained or a new live music venue included in the proposal”.

      “It is undetermined at this time whether the Fairview Pub will return on site, however, the applicant has planned for a ‘pub space’ in the proposal,” Hoese reported to council.