Abby Wambach welcomes Christine Sinclair into the Wolfpack after she shatters all-time soccer scoring record

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      America's greatest female soccer star has delivered an inspiring tribute to the Canadian striker who just broke her all-time goal-scoring record.

      In an Instagram message, Abby Wambach declares that the success of one woman as a collective success for all women.

      And with that, she welcomed Burnaby's Christine Sinclair into the Wolfpack for eclipsing the record for international goals today.

      "We will rush toward each other," Wambach says in her post. "We will point to each other. We will claim infinite joy, success, and power together."

      Wambach, a two-time gold medalist and former U.S. team captain, wrote a book called Wolfpack, which was based on her 2018 commencement speech at Barnard College.

      "Her victory is your victory," Wambach declares. "Celebrate with her."

      Sinclair has become a national hero in Canada not only for her stunning success on the soccer pitch, which has included two Olympic bronze medals.

      She's also ingratiated herself to the country with her modest demeanour off the field, support for bushfire-ravaged animals in Australia, and her ongoing efforts to support the fight against multiple sclerosis.

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      "Thank you to EVERYONE for all the messages," Sinclair tweeted after scoring her 185th international goal against St. Kitts. "I'm slightly overwhelmed. Thank you to all my teammates, coaches, staff, friends and family. 185 would not have been possible without you."