Surrey RCMP shows off big haul of stolen loot after B&E merchandise advertised on Letgo online marketplace

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      The Letgo app is a popular online tool for buying and selling used goods.

      But today, the Surrey RCMP said that a large amount of stolen property was seized following a break and enter investigation—and in that initial B&E, some of the merchandise was listed on Letgo.

      The RCMP property crime target team subsequently executed a search warrant at a home and storage locker in Newton, yielding a treasure trove of bicycles, tools, and weapons.

      The bicycles alone are worth more than $80,000, according to the Mounties.

      “With this investigation, we have been able to disrupt an organized group who are suspected of trafficking stolen property,” Staff Sergeant Ryan Element said in a Surrey RCMP news release. “We encourage everyone to record the serial numbers of their property so in the event it is stolen and recovered, police can return it to you.”

      A cache of weapons was also seized by police.
      Surrey RCMP

      No charges have been laid yet, but two arrests have been made—one for an outstanding warrant and another for being in breach of a probation order.

      Among the products seized were power tools, pellet guns, stun batons, and firearms with ammunition.

      Many power tools were also found in the execution of a search warrant.
      Surrey RCMP