Sewer diving: Metro Vancouver committee to get presentation on frogmen repairing sewage system

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      The scuba divers are suited up, and standing on a Surrey road one evening.

      As the narrator relates in the video, the divers didn’t get themselves lost on the way to the ocean.

      The frogmen are part of a sewer repair team by the Metro Vancouver regional district.

      The crew is going to employ an innovative technique developed by staff members of the regional government to repair cracks in sewage lines.

      Instead of the traditional method of excavating roads, divers would go in, and locate the break, so a waterproof resin can be injected from a small hole aboveground by other members of the team.

      According to Metro Vancouver, a sewer repair that would usually take four to six months, and cost $2-3 million could be completed in one night at a cost of about $200,000 by using divers.

      The technique was pioneered back in 2015.

      It’s described by the regional district as a first in North America.

      On Thursday (March 12), Metro Vancouver’s liquid waste committee at its scheduled meeting will get a presentation about this technique.

      The presentation will be made by Peter Navratil, general manager of liquid waste services.